I am not a criminal.

By William Walter West

Growing up and looking back I was labeled a “Pot Head”, it use to bother me being labeled like I was a second class person. I never stopped using this incredible medication provided and created by God. I had moved out to California from Maryland because there it was looked at for what it should of been, something a lot of people do and do not commit violent crimes to obtain.

Then the really big changed happened to me, I begin using it to ween myself off my morphine addiction due from the nine hernia operations, leaving me butchered up and basically tossed on the streets. Not surprising after twenty eight days of free access I became self addicted. thanks to the total access to a morphine pump.

My entire outlook had changed as I began looking towards this as an actual medication that it was. Upon my hospital release I went back to my room and slept until 4:00 PM, living three blocks away from a Longs Drugs. I felt the pain begin to set in as the morphine began to wear off. I then started to go and have my prescription filled from an eleven inch open wound, and like all pharmacies I was told to wait for twenty minutes to have it filled. The longer I had waited the more my pain increased, then they called me to the counter to pick it up. To my surprise I was told my medical insurance card would not cover this prescription, the time now was around five o’clock and none of my doctors offices were opened. I managed to walk back to my room and called a friend who brought me over an ounce of Jack Herer telling me he hoped it helped. It did and for the next three days I kicked my morphine habit. Trust me it was hell, sweating, freezing, kicking just miserable and I knew I would never place myself in this situation again if I could help it.

It was then I learned the benefits of using a natural medication, I soon became an activist for the cause. California had passed prop 215 six years earlier and my understand was if you were a cancer patient or had medical problems that conventional medication (pills) could not provide relief they could go and get a medical cannabis card and purchase cannabis.

Soon shops were popping up everywhere, which was a good thing, it kept prices down and allowed a verity of medicines to be found. Until the monopolist got the idea to control it and keep it and the profits for themselves. The money from millionaires soon got into the program and greed lead to deception and lies being told to patients that needed this medication. Soon the prices started rising like a flooding ebb tide, groups like N.O.R.M.L. and A.S.A. would hold meetings so patients could have a “safe place to vent and meet”. Their goal or agenda was to gather information and use it against both growers and suppliers, turning any and all competition as part of their monopoly.

I had another patients that saw it for what it actually was and we fought together to expose the corruption, Trust me, we had our job cut out, but we agreed the truth stands alone and needs no one. I had had three youtube sites closed down by San Diego’s A.S.A. because the truth does hurt and isn’t good when you’re agenda doesn’t include patients. It turned out that the snitches working for the DA office has taken over our local activist group and were conspiring with corrupt government officials to corner the pot market for themselves and to keep black market prices and profits for the so called “legal market”.

I am afraid of nothing. If you have a story that you can provide documentation I will gladly print your story. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your story ideas at


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